Recalls: Saws

September 30, 2013 Festool Recalls Plunge Cut Circular Saw Due to Laceration Hazard

The TS 55 REQ is a small, portable, circular saw for woodcutting with a 160 mm saw blade, aluminum guide rails and a plunge cut feature. It is 12 inches long and has a gray blade housing and a midnight blue motor housing with a soft hand grip and green accents. The date code and serial number are found on a rating plate on the saw's motor housing under the main handle. Recalled saws include date codes ranging from 02/13 to 05/13 and serial numbers 40033594 through 40074108. Read more.

April 19, 2012 Irwin Recalls 10-Inch Circular Saw Blade 3-Pack Due to Laceration Hazard Posed by Defective Packaging

This recall involves Irwin Classic Series 10-inch Circular Saw Blade Limited Promotion 3-Packs. The blister packs contain one 10-inch trim and finish saw blade with 60 teeth (60T) and two 10-inch general purpose saw blades with 40 teeth (40T). The blades are stacked offset in the packs. The packaging is blue, orange and yellow and has the words “Irwin” and “Classic Series” on the front top left corner and “3 Circular Saw Blades” on the front lower left corner. Model number “ICSLD3PK” is located on the front top right corner. Read more.

August 28, 1986 Cs-500VL Chain Saw Recalled by Echo

Cs-500VL Chain Saw Recalled by Echo NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 Note: Phone number. FOR RELEASE Originally issued August 28, 1986; Revised April 1, 2005 Release # 86-53 Echo Recalls Model Cs-500VL Chain Saw Washington, DC -- In cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Echo Incorporated of Lake Zurich, Illinois today announced the voluntary recall of all model 500VL gasoline powered chain saws manufactured from 1979 to 1980. Some 8,500 Echo model 500VL chain saws with flywheel problems are being recalled voluntarily by the company and replaced with a new solid- state magneto chain saw at no cost to the consumer. The firm said a special tool is required to remove the flywheel during routine chain saw maintenance, but some flywheels have been removed by consumers without aid of the tool. If the flywheel becomes distorted as a result of such removal, the flywheel may be subject to stress and vibration. Pieces of the flywheel may fly apart and strike the operator as was the case in the three accidents reported to Echo, which resulted in lacerations, fractures and amputation to the fingers of the operator's left hand. Consumers should discontinue using the Echo 500 VL chain saw immediately. Owners of Model 500VL chain saws with serial numbers inclusive to 0023000 should contact their Echo Dealer to arrange for replacement of the saw at no charge. The new Echo saw, model 510 EVL, comes equipped with a solid-state electronic magneto which is not removed during routine maintenance. Consumers desiring more information about the product recall should write to Echo, Incorporated, 400 Oakwood Road, Lake Qurich, Illinois 60047, or call Echo's Service Department at (847) 540-8400. Read more.