Recalls: Welding Equipment

July 31, 2014 Harris Products Group Recalls Welding Torch Handles Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves two models of torch handles that were sold under the Lincoln Electric® and Harris Products Group® brand names. The torch handles are used in welding. They are gold in color and made out of brass. Welding torch model numbers include 18-5 and 85. Manufacture date codes include FM, GA, GB and GC. The model number and date code are stamped on the torch handle at the end closest to the flame. The torch handles were sold individually and also as part of the following kits. Units with "0" above the word "Harris" and to the right of the rivet head are not included in this recall. Kit Model Number Description 1400299 WELD-HDL,63EWAC-CV A-245-100 1401340 WELD-HDL,85 with C/V 1401346 WELD-HDL,85 LECO 1401347 WELD-HDL,64003055 85 RAD 1401820 WELD-HDL,18-5 4400250 KIT,8525 C DLX RAD 4400259 KIT,8525 CD DLX RAD 4400263 KIT,8525C DLX BRZ OXARC 4403181 KIT,85601-200 DLX P.A.T. RAD 4403184 KIT,8525F-510P DLX LPG RAD 4403208 KIT,MED DUTY WELD WE250A 4403209 KIT,STANDARD DUTY WE200A 4403211 KIT,85601-200 INDUSTRIAL P.A.T.DLX 4403212 KIT,85601-510 DLX CUTWELDER BAG 4403213 KIT,85601-200 PAT STD 4403224 KIT,8525GX-510 DLX STEELWORKER BAG 4403225 KIT,8525GX-300 DLX STEELWORKER BAG 4403226 KIT,8525GX-510 STD STEELWORKER BAG 4403228 KIT,85601-510 DLX EXPERT CLASSIC BAG 4403229 KIT,85601-300 DLX EXPERT CLASSIC BAG 4403239 KIT,85601-300 DLX EXPERT CLASSIC BAG 4403239 KIT,8525FGX-510P LPGw/NX BAG 4403243 KIT,85601-510 STD EXPERT CLASSIC BAG 4403244 KIT,85601-300 STD EXPERT CLASSIC BAG 9101228 VALVE-ASY,VA85 9101230 VALVE-ASY,VA63 KH776 KIT,85601-200 PAT KH777 KIT,85601-510 DLX CUTWELDER BAG KH784 KIT,8525F-510P PROPANE/LPG BAG Read more.

July 13, 2010 Wire Feed Welders Recalled by Star Asia USA Due to Burn Hazard

The recall involves the Vaper 90 amp flux wire feed welders with model number 41181. The wire welders are red and black. "Vaper" and "90 amp flux wire welder" can be found on the product's operation panel. The model number can be found on the top right hand corner of the package and on the first page of the users manual. Read more.