Recalls: Exercise Equipment

October 8, 2003 Cybex International Recall of Treadmills

Treadmill is black with gray coloring and has rectangular uprights. It is 69" in length and 30" in width. It has a small display panel that is almost as wide as the treadmill. The brands and models "Cybex 400T," "Cybex 410T," "Trotter 510," "Trotter 525," or "Trotter 535" are written on the display panel. "CXT+" is another recalled model but does not bear the brand Cybex or Trotter. Read more.

September 3, 2003 Life Fitness Recall to Repair Treadmills

This program includes the following Life Fitness treadmills: Model 9000HR: Serial numbers CTB100000-CTB101618 Model 8500: Serial numbers MTB100000-MTB100646 T9I: Serial numbers CTI100000-CTI100746 Read more.