Recalls: Heating and Ventilation and Air Conditioning

March 21, 2024 Crown Boiler Recalls Home Heating Boilers Due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard

This recall involves Crown Boiler Aruba IV (AWR Series) gas-fired hot water boilers powered by natural gas and LP (propane) gas. This recall only involves boilers configured for use at altitudes above 2,000 feet. The model name Aruba IV is not found on the label. The boiler is red and gray and 39.5 inches high. A "Crown" logo appears on the upper front-center of the unit. The model number is shown on the boiler's rating plate, located on the top of the right side of the boiler where shown. Crown is printed on the side, and the model number for Aruba IV is located on a large white label on the red metal side of the boiler. The following model numbers are included in this recall regardless of date manufactured: AWR070BLST3P8U AWR105BLST3P8U AWR140BLST3P8U AWR175BLT3HU1 AWR070BLT3HU1 AWR105BLT3HU1 AWR140BLT3HU1 AWR175BNST3P8U AWR070BNST3P8U AWR105BNST3P8U AWR140BNST3P8U AWR175BNT3HU1 AWR070BNT3HU1 AWR105BNT3HU1 AWR140BNT3HU1 AWR175ELST2P8U AWR070ELST2P8U AWR105ELST2P8U AWR140ELST2P8U AWR175ENST2P8U AWR070ENST2P8U AWR105ENST2P8U AWR140ENST2P8U AWR210BNST3P8U AWR245BLST3P8U AWR280BNST3P8U AWR210BNT3HU1 AWR245BLT3HU1 AWR280BNT3HU1 AWR210ELST2P8U AWR245BNST3P8U AWR280ELST2P8U AWR210ENST2P8 Read more.

March 14, 2024 U.S. Boiler Company Recalls Gas-Fired Hot Water Residential Boilers Due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard

This recall involves gas-fired residential boilers with brand names U.S. Boiler, New Yorker Boiler, Advantage, FORCE and Archer. The following boiler models that are currently installed at altitudes greater than 5,400 ft. above sea level are part of this recall. The U.S. boiler ES2 and Series 3 models are blue with a black top front and black vents on the front. The logo is located on the black top front of the boiler. The X-2 model has a solid teal color. The logo is located in the front middle of the boiler. The Lancer model is gray with a blue top. The logo is located in the front middle of the boiler. The Force G-3 model is solid gray. The logo is located in the front middle of the boiler. The CGE and CGF models are solid green The logo is located in the front middle of the boiler. The model and serial numbers are located on the boiler rating plate, which is on the top panel of the ES2 and Series 3 models, and on the inside vestibule (behind removable door) on the right side panel for X-2, CG-F, CG-E, AG , Force and Archer models. All of the models are about 40 inches tall from the floor to the top of the jacket. U.S. Boiler ES2 models ES23, ES24, ES25, ES26, ES27, ES28, ES29 (with or without "-N" or "-P" suffix) U.S. Boiler Series 3 models 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309 (with or without "-N" or "-P" suffix) U.S. Boiler X-2 models X-202, X-203, X-204, X-205, X-206, X-207, X-208, X-209 New Yorker CG-E models CG30E, CG40E, CG50E, CG60E, CG70E, CG80E, CG90E New Yorker CG-F models CG20F, CG30F, CG40F, CG50F, CG60F, CG70F, CG80F, CG90F Advantage AG models AG3, AG4, AG5, AG6 FORCE models FORCE02E, FORCE03E, FORCE04E, FORCE05E, FORCE06E, FORCE07E, FORCE08E, FORCE09E Archer Boilers Lancer models LCR-2-038, LCR-3-068, LCR-4-102, LCR-5-136, LCR-6-170 Read more.

February 29, 2024 The Home Appliances Recalls Camplux Brand Portable Tankless Water Heaters Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves certain Camplux brand portable tankless water heaters with model numbers AY132, BD158, BW211, BW264, and BW422, with the following sizes and manufacturing dates: Model Product Details Manufacture Date AY132 5L 1.32 GPM 34,000 btu/hr On or before September 17, 2021 BD158 6L 1.58 GPM 41,000 btu/hr On or before November 17, 2021 BW211 8L 2.11 GPM 55,000 btu/hr On or before November 17, 2021 BW264 12.8L 2.64 GPM 68,000 btu/hr On or before November 17, 2021 BW422 16L 4.22 GPM 110,000 btu/hr On or before December 20, 2021 These water heaters were designed and intended for outdoor use with an attached propane tank to quickly heat water for showering or other hot water needs. The water heaters were sold in white, black, and silver/gray colors. The "Camplux" logo is printed on the front of the unit. The product label is located on the side of the unit and includes the model, size and other product details, serial numbers, and brand information. Consumers will be directed to take a photograph of the label on their Camplux water heater product and send to Camplux to confirm that they have a recalled water heater to receive the replacement gas regulator. Read more.

January 11, 2024 Daikin Comfort Technologies Manufacturing (formerly Goodman Manufacturing Company L.P.) Expands Recall of Evaporator Coil Drain Pans to Include Additional Units

This recall expansion includes certain units manufactured between January 2019 and February 2020 that were incorrectly marked. DCT recently discovered that a limited number of evaporator coils that were manufactured during that time frame were incorrectly marked with a 2018 serial number, indicating that the unit was manufactured in 2018. The recall scope now includes about 3,600 additional units with the following configurations and coil serial numbers, as shown in the table below: Type Coil Configuration Affected Furnace Brands Affected Coil Serial Numbers Dates Sold Condensing furnace system Up-Flow (Coil above Furnace) All Prefixes ranging from 1901 through 2101 and certain prefixes ranging from 1811-1812 Jan. 2019 through Nov. 2021 Non-condensing furnace system (Certain configurations) Up-Flow (Coil above Furnace) Any "competitor" brand (excludes Goodman, Daikin or Amana branded furnaces) Prefixes ranging from 1901 through 2101 and certain prefixes ranging from 1811-1812 Jan. 2019 through Nov. 2021. NOTE: Furnace systems that were repaired with a new evaporator coil drain pan between January 2019 and November 2021, with the serial number range listed above, are also included in this recall. Whether a non-condensing furnace system falls within the scope of the recall depends on the location of the burners, which, if unknown, can be verified through DCT's model verification tool at: Affected units can be identified through serial numbers found on the evaporator coil or the case, which sits atop the vertically installed furnace. The furnace brand and model number can be found on the furnace on the "Energy Guide" label. Consumers can refer to the instructions on Goodman's model verification tool at: The model number of the outdoor condenser may also be required and can be found on a label attached to the product. Read more.

November 9, 2023 Twin-Star International Recalls Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplaces Due to Fire Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Lowe's

This recall involves Twin-Star Style Selections 42-inch-wide, 5,200 BTU, Black Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace with model No. 42HF295FGT manufactured before January 2023 and identified with the following date codes: 0521; 0322; 0422; 0522; 0622; 0722; and 0822. "Twin-Star International, Inc." and the model number are printed on the top panel of the fireplaces. The date code and serial number are printed on the back panel. Read more.

November 2, 2023 Lochinvar Recalls Condensing Boilers Due to Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

This recall includes residential condensing boilers, combi boilers and packaged systems sold by Lochinvar from August 2021 through August 2023. They were sold under the Lochinvar, A. O. Smith, and State Industries brand names and have serial numbers within the range of 125325485 through 134830284. The brand name is printed on the front of each unit. The model number and serial number can be found on the data plate on the product located on the unit's rating plate, which is located either on the inside or outside of the outer jacket of the unit. The following brands and model numbers are included in the recall. Lochinvar Brand NCF110L NCF110N NCF150L NCF150N NCF199L NCF199N NKB080L NKB080N NKB110L NKB110N NKB150L NKB150N NKB199L NKB199N NKC110L NKC110N NKC150L NKC150N NKC199L NKC199N A. O. Smith Brand ACB 110H-N ACB 110H-P ACB 110S-N ACB 110S-P ACB 150H-N ACB 150H-P ACB 150S-N ACB 150S-P ACB 199H-N ACB 199H-P ACB 199S-N ACB 199S-P State Industries Brand SCB 110H-N SCB 110H-P SCB 110S-N SCB 110S-P SCB 150H-N SCB 150H-P SCB 150S-N SCB 150S-P SCB 199H-N SCB 199H-P SCB 199S-N SCB 199S-P Read more.

August 16, 2023 Gree Recalls 1.56 Million Dehumidifiers Due to Fire and Burn Hazards; Reports of At Least 23 Fires

This recall involves 42 models of dehumidifiers with brand names Kenmore, GE, SoleusAir, Norpole and Seabreeze, manufactured between January 2011 and February 2014. The recalled model numbers are listed below. Kenmore Model number Capacity 407.5353031 30-pint 407.5355031 50-pint 407.5357031 70-pint 407.5357131 70-pint GE Model number Capacity ADEH50LPQ1 50-pint ADEH50LQQ1 50-pint ADEH50LRL1 50-pint ADEL30LRQ1 30-pint ADEL50LRL1 50-pint ADEL70LRL1 70-pint ADER30LPQ1 30-pint ADER30LQQ1 30-pint ADER40LPQ1 40-pint ADER40LQQ1 40-pint ADER50LPQ1 50-pint ADER50LQQ1 50-pint ADER50LRL1 50-pint ADER50LSL1 (with date code 01/14) 50-pint ADER65LPQ1 65-pint ADER65LQQ1 65-pint ADER70LRL1 70-pint ADEW30LPQ1 30-pint ADEW30LQQ1 30-pint ADEW50LPQ1 50-pint ADEW50LQQ1 50-pint ADEW50LRL1 50-pint ADEW65LPQ1 65-pint ADEW65LQQ1 65-pint ADEW70LRL1 70-pint SoleusAir Model number Capacity GL-DEH-45F-2Q3 45-pint GL-DEH-70EIP-6L3 70-pint GL-DEH-70F-2L3 70-pint GM-DEH-30M-1Q3 30-pint GM-DEH-45-1Q3 45-pint GM-DEH-70-1L3 70-pint SG-DEH-25-4 25-pint SG-DEH-30E-1Q3 30-pint SG-DEH-45E-1Q3 45-pint SG-DEH-70E-1L3 70-pint SG-DEH-70E-2L3 70-pint Seabreeze DH470SB 70-pint Norpole NPDH30PG-1 30-pint Read more.

August 3, 2023 Daikin Comfort Technologies Recalls Amana Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Due to Burn and Fire Hazards (Recall Alert)

This recall involves Amana-branded Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps (PTACs) assembled with "DigiAir" modules. DigiAir modules are factory-installed make-up air systems with configurable dehumidification. The recalled units are beige and have a model number that begins with PMH or PMC. Amana is printed on the unit's control cover and the model number is on the label located below the control board. Read more.

June 22, 2023 Research Products Recalls Steam Humidifiers Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves Research Products Steam Humidifiers with "D" shaped electrode connector wires sold under the AprilAire, Coleman, Luxaire, Bryant, Carrier and York brand names. The steam humidifiers are generally installed alongside HVAC equipment but are separate units. The model number can be found on a silver label placed in the bottom left corner on the outside left side panel of the Steam Humidifier. The following model numbers are included in this recall: Recalled Steam Humidifier Models Brand Model AprilAire® 800, 801, 865, 866 Carrier® HUMXXSTM3034 Bryant® HUMXXSTM3034 York® S1-STEAM 8000T01 Coleman® S1-STEAM 8000T01 Luxaire® S1-STEAM 8000T01 Read more.

June 8, 2023 Allied Air Enterprises Recalls Armstrong Air and Air Ease Gas Furnaces Due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard

This recall involves 96% efficiency gas furnaces under the ARMSTRONG and AIREASE brand names with the model numbers A96UH1E045B12S, A96UH1E070B12S, and/or A96UH1E110C20S. The furnaces weigh between 129 and 170 pounds and were sold between September 2022 and March 2023. The brand name is printed on the outside of the furnace, and the model number is located on the label found by opening the furnace door. Read more.