Recalls: Cables and Surge and Power Protection

September 7, 2023 Emporia Recalls North America Smart Plugs Due to Electric Shock Hazard

This recall involves Emporia's North America Smart Plugs. The smart plugs have a white finish exterior. Emporia is printed on the front. The plugs allow consumers to monitor the energy use and control most home appliances with the Emporia App, including fans, lamps, humidifiers, and other electronics from a smartphone. This recall only affects the 120V North American plugs, the 240V EU. They measure approximately 3-1/2 inches wide, 1-1/2 inches high, and 1 inch deep. The smart plugs were sold individually or in multi-packs. Read more.

December 1, 2022 JBR Solutions Recalls Aduro Surge Protectors Due to Shock and Fire Hazards

This recall involves all Aduro Surge Wall Charging Tower surge protectors. The surge protectors have 12 outlets, dual USB ports and are white or black in color. The Aduro logo appears on the center front panel below the two USB ports. Model and SKU numbers AHR-318 (SKU SRG-WT12O2U) or SS-Q1202 (SKU SRG-WT12O2UNV) are printed on a label on the rear of the surge protector. Read more.

October 27, 2022 Brother Recalls Power Adapters Sold with AirSure DF-2 Dynamic Filtration Tabletop Air Purifiers Due to Electrical Shock Hazard

This recall involves Meic AC power adapters sold with Brother AirSure DF-2 Dynamic Filtration Tabletop Air Purifiers. The power adapters are black and have the name "Meic" imprinted in white on the side of the adapter. "Brother" and "DF-2" are printed on the front of the air purifier. Read more.

June 9, 2021 Non-Contact Voltage Testers Recalled by Klein Tools Due to Shock Hazard

This recall involves Klein Tools Non-Contact Voltage Testers with model numbers NCVT1 and date codes ending H7. The product was also sold separately and in kits. The following model numbers are involved in the recall, all bearing date codes ending in H7. Model Number Description Retail Price (U.S. $) NCVT1 Non-Contact Voltage Tester 16.97 NCVT1SEN Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Sensormatic Tag 16.97 NCVT1EP Non-Contact Voltage Tester (Econo. Pack - Bubble Bag) 16.97 NCVT1A Non-Contact Voltage Tester (Asian Packaging) 16.97 NCVT1E Non-Contact Voltage Tester (European Packaging) 16.97 69149 KIT, 3PC, Multimeter Test Kit (Retail Clam Shell) 39.97 80018 KIT, 4PC, Residential Electrical Tool Kit (Poly-Bag & UPC Label) 49.99 80023 KIT, 3PC, Home Inspector Moisture Meter Kit, (Poly-Bag & UPC Label) 59.99 MPZ00001 KIT, 2PC, Pliers + NCVT1 Tester (Clam Shell) 51.72 MPZ00052R KIT, 3PC, Stripper/Cutter + NCVT1 Tester + RT210 GFCI Tester (Retail Clam Shell) 67.42 The meters have a yellow body housing with a tinted gray tip and have a black pocket clip/battery cap on the back. The part/model numbers are written on the top of each unit above the brand name KLEIN TOOLS and date codes are printed on the bottom of the unit under the brand name. The product is rated CAT IV and measures voltage up to 1,000 Volts. Read more.

April 7, 2021 Goal Zero Recalls Power Cables Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves only the 12-foot EC8 Extension cables (model 98201) and Male EC8 to Ring cables (model 98202) that are installed in vehicle integrations. The 12-foot EC8 Extension cable was sold individually and with the Car Charge Kit. This cable was used to connect Yeti power stations to either a Yeti Tank or a vehicle battery. The Male EC8 to Ring cable was sold individually and with different Yeti Tanks. These cables are used to connect Yeti Tanks to Yeti power stations and are frequently coupled with the 12-foot EC8 Extension cable. The model and the UPC numbers can be found on the product packaging, receipts or invoices. Recalled Product Name Model Number UPC Codes 12' EC8 Extension Cable 98201 847974006474 Male EC8 to Ring Cable 98202 847974006481 Read more.

December 31, 2020 Anticimex Recalls SMART Connect Mini Devices Due to Fire and Injury Hazards (Recall Alert)

This recall involves the SMART Connect Mini Devices, which serve as a communication hub connecting a system of digital pest control units. The device is a white, plastic-covered unit mounted to the wall and was connected to a power source and wireless network by licensed pest control technicians. The model number 300 110 Rev. C is located on the back of the device. Read more.

October 28, 2020 Schneider Electric Recalls Surgelocâ„¢ Surge Protection Devices Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves Schneider Electric Surgeloc Surge Protection Devices. The 3-wire and 4-wire devices are primarily installed in commercial/industrial applications and may include some residential applications. They are black rectangular-shaped devices with a green plastic rimmed meter and a white label with "Square D by Schneider Electric," with the date code and the catalog number on the front. The recalled devices were manufactured from January 1, 2013 (date code 13011) through August 24, 2020 (date code 20352). The date codes are in the YYWWD format (example: 20452 = year 2020, week 45, day 2 Monday; the day is optional). The date code is located on the front of the device. Catalog numbers included in the recall include the following: Voltage Surge Current Rating NQ Panelboard Units - Surge Cat No. 120/240 V, 1 Phase, 3-wire + ground 80 kA SSP01BIA08PBQ1 100 kA SSP01BIA10PBQ1 120 kA SSP01BIA12PBQ1 160 kA SSP01BIA16PBQ1 200 kA SSP01BIA20PBQ1 240kA SSP01BIA24PBQ1 208Y/120 V, 3-Phase, 4-wire + ground Wye 80 kA SSP02BIA08PBQ1 100 kA SSP02BIA10PBQ1 120 kA SSP02BIA12PBQ1 160 kA SSP02BIA16PBQ1 200 kA SSP03BIA20PBQ1 240kA SSP03BIA24PBQ1 240Y/120 V, 3-Phase, 4-wire + ground High-leg Delta 80 kA SSP03BIA08PBQ1 100 kA SSP03BIA10PBQ1 120 kA SSP03BIA12PBQ1 160 kA SSP03BIA16PBQ1 200 kA SSP03BIA20PBQ1 240kA SSP03BIA24PBQ1 Read more.

October 15, 2020 Sales BSD Recalls Homerygardens Extension Cord Splitters Due to Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)

This recall involves the Homerygardens Outdoor Extension Cord Splitters. The extension cord splitters are black with four outlets and an on/off switch and are six feet long. Read more.

September 16, 2020 Monoprice Recalls Ethernet Cables Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves the Monoprice Category 6 Ethernet Bulk CMR Communications cable. It is designed to prevent fires from spreading between floors through risers and vertical shafts. They contain 100% pure copper wire and are primarily used to wire your home or office for a high-speed network. The cables were sold in a variety of colors including yellow, white, blue, black, red, orange, gray, pink and purple. The cables came in various lengths including 250, 500 and 1000 foot spools. The cable has (UL) E467139 23AWGX4P CMR CAT6 UTP RoHS Compliance XXXXFT, (UL) E333346 23AWGX4P CMR CAT6 UTP RoHS Compliance XXXXFT or (UL) E339722 23AWGX4P CMR CAT6 UTP RoHS Compliance XXXXFT printed on the surface. Read more.

April 23, 2020 Leviton Manufacturing Recalls Electrical Connection Devices Due to Shock Hazard

This recall involves Leviton 50-ampere, non-NEMA electrical connectors, plugs, receptacles and inlet attachment devices. The recalled connection devices are used to transmit power to electrical equipment that is not hard-wired to a power source. Leviton is printed on the devices. Date codes can be found on the back cover of connectors and plugs, the side housing of receptacles and inlets, and on the label of each box. The recall includes the following model/catalog numbers and date codes: CATALOG NUMBERS DATE CODES 3762C CS6365C 1E19C0 1I19C0 3763C CS6365W 1E29C0 1I29C0 3764C CS6369 1E39C0 1I39C0 3765C CS6370 1E49C0 1I49C0 3769 CS6375 1E59C0 1I59C0 3771 CS6377 1F19C0 1J19C0 3775 CS8264C 1F29C0 1J29C0 3777 CS8265C 1F39C0 1J39C0 6360CR CS8269 1F49C0 1J49C0 6364CR CS8275 1G19C0 1K19C0 6365CR CS8464C 1G29C0 1K29C0 6369CR CS8465C 1G39C0 1K39C0 6370CR CS8469 1G49C0 1K49C0 6375CR CS8164C 1H19C0 1K59C0 7379 CS8165C 1H29C0 1L19C0 7764C CS8169 1H39C0 1L29C0 7765C CS8175 1H49C0 7958 CS8364C CS6360C CS8365C CS6361C CS8369 CS6364C CS837-410-5W1 CS6364W CS8375 Only electrical connectors without a blue dot on the device and packaging are included in this recall. Read more.