January, 2006

January 5, 2006
Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. Recall of 2006 Snowmobiles
The recall involves certain Ski-Doo Model Year 2006 snowmobiles. The platforms involved are the REV, RT, and RF. For a complete list of model numbers and serial numbers affected by this recall please log onto www.ski-doo.com Check the owner's manual for the location of the model number and serial number. Most are located on the tunnel.
January 5, 2006
Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. Recall of Additional 2006 Snowmobiles
The recall involves certain Ski-Doo Model Year 2006 REV500 SS, REV 600 HO, and REV 600 HO SDI snowmobiles. For a complete list of model numbers and serial numbers affected by this recall please log onto www.ski-doo.com The model number and serial number can be found on the tunnel.
January 5, 2006
Laboratory Equipment
C & A Scientific Co. Recall of Metal Alcohol Burners
The metal alcohol burner consists of a stainless steel tank with a screw-on steel lid. A copper tubing wick in the shape of a loop is soldered on the top of the burner's lid. The burner and lid measure 3-inches in diameter by 3 ½-inches high. The burner also has a separate metal top which fits over the copper wick to act as a snuffer, and a metal heat shield designed to sit on top of the lid. Item number 97-5320 is printed on the burner's packaging.
January 10, 2006
Exercise Machines/Equipment
LTD Commodities and The Lakeside Collection Recall of Pilates Balls
The inflatable pilates balls are blue with black handles. They are about 26-inches in diameter when inflated. They are sold with a blue air pump.
January 11, 2006
Extension Cords/Power Strips
Neptune Systems Recalls Power Strips for Shock Hazard
The Direct Connect 8 (DC8) power strip is sold for use to control aquarium equipment with a computer. The power strip has a black aluminum enclosure with eight outlets, and a black extension cord. The serial number is printed on the white label on the side of the unit. The serial numbers are between DC81000 through DC81633. "Direct Connect 8" is written on the side of the unit.
January 11, 2006
Utility, Off-Road Vehicles/Golf Carts
Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. Recall of Utility Vehicles
The recall involves Kawasaki 2005-2006 model year KAF400 Mule 600 Utility Vehicles. These models are off-road utility vehicles available in red, green, or camouflage livery. They have "Kawasaki" on the side of the cargo bed and "Mule" on the side of the front cowling.
January 11, 2006
Generac Power Systems Inc. Recall of Fuel Hoses Sold with Guardian Home Generators
The recalled 12 inch braided flex fuel hoses are used with Guardian® Home Standby Air-Cooled Generators with serial numbers 3789827 and below. The generators are about 4 feet by 2 feet by 2½ feet, tan in color, and have identification decal tags displaying the serial number. The decal tag is affixed to the black divider plate that separates the engine from the control panel and can be found by lifting the top/lid of the metal enclosure. The fuel hose came supplied with the generator kits and connects the fuel supply to the generator. The hose is 12 inches long and covered with braided steel.
January 11, 2006
Insect Traps
American Biophysics Corp. Recall of Accessory Used to Clean Mosquito Magnet
The recall involves a maintenance accessory used to clear obstructions in the fuel delivery system of certain Mosquito Magnet® insect traps. The Quick-Clear Valve Adapter is a black and gold, "L"-shaped, brass and plastic device. The adapter was included as a maintenance accessory to clean fuel lines in newly manufactured and retrofitted Mosquito Magnet® insect traps sold only under the following Mosquito Magnet® model names: Defender, Liberty, Freedom and Commercial Pro. Only "L"-shaped adapters are affected by this recall. Mosquito Magnet® products made since November 2003 contain only straight adapters that do not need to be replaced. Adapters for Mosquito Magnet® traps that use rechargeable batteries are not affected by this recall.
January 11, 2006
Chain Saws
Stihl Inc. Recall of Chain Saws
The recalled Stihl-brand chain saws have model number MS 192 T, located on the side of the chain saw's starter housing. They include serial numbers 264371702 through 266087005, which is located on the top/front of the chain saw's housing.
January 12, 2006
Clothing (Children)
Hurley International Recall of Boy's Hooded Jackets with Drawstrings
The recalled jackets are black or gray, and were sold in youth sizes up to size 20. "HurleyCo" is stitched on the upper left outside of the jacket. The style number BJ06GS is printed on a label sewn inside the left side seam of the jacket.
January 13, 2006
Lights (Seasonal)
Holiday Lights Recalled by Target Due to Shock and Fire Hazards
The recall includes 50-count multi-color mini light sets, 100-count blue mini light sets, and 140-count chasing light sets. "Mini Light Set" or "Chasing Light Set" is written on the packaging. The 100-count light sets have UL number E254698 or E182192, or there is no UL number written on the tag attached to the light string. The 50-count light sets have UL number E254698 or E182192, or no UL number. The chasing light sets have UL number E254698 or there is no UL number written on the tag.
January 18, 2006
Toy Miscellaneous
Fisher-Price Recalls Infant Musical Toy Chair Posing Strangulation Hazard
The recalled Laugh & Learn Musical Learning Chair is a plastic infant toy that measures about 17 inches high. It plays music and teaches children numbers and letters. It also features a blue chair with four green plastic legs and a side table with a purple base and white top. The table holds a clock, book, and a lamp. Smiley faces are displayed on the lamp and seat back. "Fisher-Price" is written on the front of the chair. The packaging states that the toy is intended for children 12 months through 36 months of age. The model numbers are H4609, H7167 through H7173, H8157, H8998, and J0272 through J0275 can be found on the underside of the seat of the chair.
January 19, 2006
Baseball/Softball Accessories
Mizuno USA, Inc. Recalls "Gamer" Baseball Gloves Due to Chance of Infection in At-Risk Consumers
The recall includes all Mizuno "Gamer" baseball gloves. These gloves have the word "Gamer" printed on the palm of the gloves.
January 19, 2006
Bicycles & Accessories
Syntace USA Recall of Bicycle Handlebar Stems
The recalled bicycle handlebar stem is black. Stems with production codes 01 03 through 45 04, and stems with no production code are included in this recall. The production code is the bottom set of numbers located on the end of the stem.
January 23, 2006
Lawn Mowers & Accessories
Country Home Products, Inc. Recall to Repair Cordless Electric Lawnmowers
The recalled lawnmowers were sold under the NEUTON® name and carry model number EM 4 1 NEUTON® printed on the front portion of the lawnmower. The lawnmowers are two shades of green and have a 14-inch cutting width with rear bagging capability. The serial number ranges of the recalled mowers are CE4049212 through CE4054902 and CE4061492 through CE4071541. The serial number can be found by lifting the rear discharge guard of the mower. It is on a sticker on the lower left side of the mower housing.
January 24, 2006
Routers & Accessories
Porter-Cable Recall to Repair Routers
The recalled Porter-Cable routers are tools used in conjunction with various bits to cut and shape wood. The model and serial numbers are printed on the nameplate on the top of the router. Routers marked with a "T" above "PORTER+CABLE" on the nameplate are not included in this recall.
January 24, 2006
Safety/Emergency Tool Kits
L.L. Bean Recall of Safety Kits
Each kit contains a variety of safety equipment including a "Forever Flashlight," which does not use batteries. Shaking the flashlight for 30 seconds provides about 5 minutes of light. The Outdoorsman in a Bottle kit contains a compass. Other items which could be included in the kits include gloves, a blanket, emergency vest, a water bottle, a rain poncho and a knife. L.L. Bean is written on the bottle or blanket with these kits.
January 25, 2006
Leaf Blowers Sold at Home Depot Recalled for Laceration Hazard
The recalled blower is used outside to blow, vacuum or mulch leaves. "Homelite" is printed on the top of the blower. The blower is red with a black nozzle, and weighs about 10 lbs. Model number UT08542 or UT08542A is printed on the operator's manual. Only blowers missing the black cover over the fan are included in the recall. "Homelite" and "Vac Attack II" are written on the fan cover. A bag connects to the blower to collect the leaves or mulch.
January 26, 2006
Cookers & Cookware
Electric Shock Hazard Prompts Recall of Electric Smokers
The recalled electric smokers include models BTST02 (stainless steel) and BTIS1 (black) and consist of a smoke generator, a smoke tower and two power cords. The model number appears on a silver label on the back of the smoker. The products have a "Bradley Smoker" logo on the door and at the bottom under the red light "Power Indicator."
January 26, 2006
Electric Heaters
Fire Hazard with Oscillating Heater Sold in Wal-Mart Prompts Recall
The recalled model is CH920. The ceramic portable electric heaters are the oscillating tower type. They are grey and have a control panel attached to the top of the unit. "Maxi-Heat™" is printed on the control panel. The model number is printed on the ETL label on the bottom of the back side of the unit.
January 26, 2006
Clothing (Children)
Steve & Barry's University Recalls Children's Outerwear with Drawstring Strangulation Hazard
The recalled garments are various color jackets, coats, sweatshirts and sweaters sold in youth sizes up to size 12 with drawstrings through the hood. Many of the sweatshirts have the names of colleges and universities written on them. A tag sewn on the garment reads, "Steve & Barry's Quality Athletic Goods." The style numbers are 15178, 16105, 16168, 16230, 16231, 16257, 16509, 17197, 17285 and 18346, which is written on a collar or side label.